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shout out to everybody who has school soon

i believe in you

you will be excellent this year

and if you’re not that’s ok too it doesn’t mean you’re not smart

just remember to take care of yourself because your mental health is more important than your grades ok?

group hug ily all

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Grounding Chant


Hold a stone (such as hematite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, or a river rock) in your hand and say this chant to help ground yourself prior to meditation or if you’re feeling nervous/uneasy/spacey.

To the ground, I am bound
see my roots reaching down,
feel the weight of the stone,
one with Earth, flesh and bone.

—  found in The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant

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Just saw a commercial for Renn Faire…it opens this weekend. First timepiece seen a commercial for it. But I’m beyond excited!!!! Its like a second home, I hope that Little Man will see it as such too when he’s old enough to appreciate it. The company, atmosphere, and everything brings such a good feeling. The actors and vendors make you feel like you are at home and part if an actual town that is tight knit.

It’s one of my favorite parts of fall :)